Animal Planet: Mysterious Wilds of India 2015

India is a country bursting with life. Wild elephants and rhinoceros thrive on her plains. Tigers stalk the forests. She is home to the last Asiatic lions in the world, to red pandas and gibbons and more.

But India is also home to about 1.3 billion people – about 17% of the entire world population, in a country a third the size of the United States. People have moved in to every part of this country – forcing India’s wild creatures to share their food, water and land…

So what does it take for a wild species to survive and thrive in this crowded human landscape? Our Indian film crews have found stories from around the country that show how humans and wildlife co-exist. There are cobras in the village, macaques in the city, and elephants trying to cross the road. A Western Hoolock Gibbon with an adopted human family, a tiger that threatens the people who protect him… and a red panda who needs our help to find love.

It’s a complicated, inspiring and sometimes unexpected story of shared lives:


From a gibbon with a human family, to the last Asiatic lions in the world strolling along its coast. India is filled with inspiring stories from the wild species that call it home – how they live, survive and sometimes even thrive in a crowded human world.