Recent Projects

  • Sahyadris – Interactive iPad App on India’s Western Ghats

    A multi-sensory journey of Sahyadris through a confluence of stunning retina ready images, brilliant documentary videos and insightful narrative.

    HIMALAYA Mountains of Life
    By Kamal Bawa | Sandesh Kadur.  This book celebrates scenic splendor and the glorious variety of plants and animals in the Himalaya
    A series of workshops
    designed from the ground up by National Geographic Explorer Sandesh Kadur, an Award-winning photographer and filmmaker,  to help you get the most out of the visual…
    National Geographic Emerging Explorer
    Sandesh Kadur creates award-winning wildlife documentary films and photography books exposing the need to conserve threatened species and habitats around the world….
  • International League of Conservation Photographers
    Our mission is to further environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography.
    This book takes you on a visual journey through the Malabar Coast of southern India, along the Arabian Sea, where lies a range of mountains known as the […]
    Expedition Talle Valley
    There are few places on earth that are as critical to conserving cultural, ethnic and biological diversity of global significance as the Eastern Himalaya […]
    Mountains of the Monsoon
    Rather than joining the family business, Indian wildlife photographer Sandesh Kadur committed himself to documenting the natural treasures and […]